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» Range Rover Classic 1986-1994 » Irontite Aluminium & Cast Iron, Cylinder Head & Block Ceramic Seal and All-Weather Intake, Head Gasket, Cylinder Head & Engine Block Seal - All Vehicles

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  Irontite Aluminium & Cast Iron, Cylinder Head & Block Ceramic Seal and All-Weather Intake, Head Gasket, Cylinder Head & Engine Block Seal - All Vehicles
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Irontite Cast Iron & Aluminium Cylinder Head and Porous Block Ceramic Motor Seal - All Vehicles


The performance enthusiast and racer’s choice. Ceramic Motor Seal to fully coat the inside of the cooling system with a thin layer of ceramic.  It will seal porous or blemished areas of the casting, as well as any potentially weak areas, for example where parts or surfaces join with each other such as head gasket locations, head bolt studs and cylinder sleeve areas.


  • Permanently seals engine coolant system leaks

  • Seals porous castings and improves heat dissipation for added power

  • Seals head and intake gaskets

  • Aluminium & cast iron, cylinder heads and blocks

  • Add to radiator ONLY AFTER removing antifreeze (we recommend Thoro-Flush)


Unlike other products this is a permanent repair and does not need to be redone if you change your coolant. It is ceramic based and so can withstand the heat and stresses of a modern engine.

Irontite All-Weather Seal for Intake, Head Gasket, Cylinder Head & Engine Block Leaks – All Vehicles

This All Weather Seal can often be used alone to successfully seal existing leaks.  Its ability to emulsify with any kind of engine coolant mixture and stay that way circulating in the system, makes it a great preventative for any potential future leaks as well as sealing existing leaks.

  • Repairs Coolant System Leaks

  • Seals Intake & Head Gasket Leaks

  • Seals Crack in Cylinder Head & Engine Blocks

  • Mixes With All Antifreeze

  • Ideal for the Most Extreme Weather Conditions Hot or Cold

  • Lubricates Water Pump Seals

This range of IRONTITE products was specifically designed and tailored to the needs of the engine rebuilder. We have been distributing these products to the industry for over 10 years.

Any of these products can be used alone for their intended purpose (see other listings) Click Here To View. However, engine specialists have found using all three Thoro-Flush, All-Weather and Ceramic Seal products in conjunction with each other offers the most effective result that any chemical process for stopping coolant leaks can provide.

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